Wife climbs husband’s car, smashes windshield, halts traffic

A public brawl between a husband and wife disrupted traffic in Mumbai, India leaving people amused.

On Saturday, around 5:00pm a woman in a white vehicle intercepted a black SUV, got down, started screaming and shouting at the man, apparently her husband in the driver’s seat, hit the windshield, climbed on the bonnet even as traffic halted to view the “fiasco” on the famous Pedder Road.

The woman’s act blocked the evening traffic on one lane. Even as the traffic police on site rushed to control her, she screamed at her husband and he stepped out and tried to run away from there, but the woman caught him and virtually dragged him to her car, even kicking him a couple of times.

The police directed him to halt near the footpath when the woman again stepped out, ran to her husband’s black SUV parked a few metres away, opened the driver-side door and lunged at the woman occupant in the next seat before she was stopped by the onlookers who had gathered there.

Though she refused to lodge a police complaint in the matter, the police later slapped a fine for the offence of abandoning her vehicle on the road.