Why President Trump Left Chairman Kim Stranded In Vietnam?

The summit between the United States and North Korea ended with no  agreement after US refused North Korea's demand to lift sanctions.

President Trump said, "It was all about the sanctions, They wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn't do that." Speaking at a news conference after the summit in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi Trump said, "Sometimes you have to walk and this was one of those times."

The White House had planned for "joint agreement signing ceremony" and also a working lunch for the two leaders, however both were cancelled.

Kim Jong Un was ready to  dismantle all of the Yongbyon complex, the research and production facility at the heart of North Korea's nuclear programme. But in return chairman Kim wanted all sanctions on North Korea be lifted, something that the US was not prepared for.

In the pre-summit talks North Korea was ready to destroy all the nation's plutonium- and uranium-enrichment facilities dependent on unspecified US measures in return. These unspecified US measures simply meant complete sanctions relief.

Yongbyon is North Korea's only known source of plutonium but the country is believed to have at least two other facilities where uranium is enriched.

Mr. Trump suggested that North Korea offered to only destroy Yongbyon, but not the entire nuclear apparatus. When US raised questions on the second facility, North Korea was "surprised" that US knew.

The pair seemed to get along at the Hanoi summit, more than they got along in Singapore. Despite the lack of an agreement, the second summit would've only enhanced their relations after their threats in 2017.