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Why Does Sonam Kapoor Suffer From Iodine Deficiency And How One Should Cure It?

Sonam Kapoor revealed that she is suffering from iodine deficiency.

The actress, who follows a vegan diet, took to Instagram to announce the news. She urged all the vegans and vegetarians to include salt with iodine in their diet.

“Just a note to all the vegetarian or vegans out there! Please make sure you’re using salt with iodine in it. I’ve just found out I have an iodine deficiency. And Table salt is the easiest way to get iodine,” she wrote in an instagram story.

Why vegans and vegetarians need to know about iodine?

US National Institute of Health reveal that one fourth of the vegetarians and 80% of the vegans suffer from iodine deficiency.

A poor supply of iodine in diets can lead to an underactive thyroid gland, however excessive  can lead to thyroid disorders. It’s critical to optimise iodine status. It’s recommended for people to consume 140 mg of iodine everyday.

For vegetarians it’s difficult to determine the amount of iodine in plants. Generally, plant foods provide low amounts of iodine. Therefore it’s recommended to take iodine in the form of sea salt.

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