Why did this Asiatic Lion eat grass?

A video of a lion eating grass at the Gir forest in Gujarat has surfaced online and generated a buzz on social media.

In the viral video  the lion is seen chewing on to shrubs and herbs on the grassland at the forest. The lion, after consuming the grass, threw up.


Social media couldn’t believe what they were watching.

Users called the creature a “Vegetarian lion” another user wrote, “That poor guy was told to diet by his wife.”

However, the fact is that lions consume grass due to a reason.

When the lion eats raw meat, it causes an acidic effect and trouble in their digestive tract. Therefore, grass acts as a cleaning agent for their system.

Deputy Conservator of Forest, Sandeep Kumar said: “All wild cats consume some grass when their stomach is upset. They eat grass to vomit out some undesirable food they have consumed.”

Source : Various