When President Donald Trump Declared Emergency

The President of the United States of America Donald Trump declared emergency in the southern border along Mexico. President Trump now seeks to fulfil his campaign promise of a border wall.

President Trump will now divert taxpayer money from other accounts to erect the 230 mile long border wall. However this isn’t going to be cakewalk for President Trump, his move invited plenty of legal troubles. The construction of the wall would eventually be decided by the Supreme Court.

Democrats say that rogue President’s actions have gone too far, and vowed to stop him.

Since President Trump has been adamant on the funding for the wall, the US Government witnessed it’s longest ever government shutdown of 35 days in December-January.

Mr. Trump addressed a fifty minute press conference at the Rose Gardens, he said that the emergency declaration wasn’t urgent, but rather expedient, as it would help him build a wall more quickly than Congress would allow.

The Democrats have already summoned the White House counsel Pat Cipollone to Capitol Hill. Legal lawsuits are being prepared against Trump for legally redirecting taxpayer money during an “emergency” for non military construction projects.

Many Republicans are divided over Trump’s decision.

The White House needs US$ 8 billion for the wall along Mexico and United States. Off that money Trump received just US$ 1.375 billion approved by the Congress on Thursday for a 55 mile pedestrian fencing.

Trump plans to collect US$ 600 million from  the Treasury Department’s forfeiture funds account. An additional US$ 2.5 billion from the Pentagon program for countering drug activities. The final US$ 3.5 billion would be moved from military construction accounts.  Generally for moving funds around Congress approval are required, but Trump bypassed it by announcing emergency.

Trump signed a US$ 333 billion spending bill making the government operations upto September this year.