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Wheelchair bound woman miraculously rescued after falling into ocean

When DJ Kashief Hamilton was playing music on a cruise ship dock at St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands he heard a loud screams therefore the DJ stopped the party.

He says he saw people running, including friend Randolph Donovan, with whom he works as an entertainer for visitors to the island.

The 34-year-old Donovan jumped about 10 feet down off the dock into the ocean to free the young woman from her sinking wheelchair. Later, Hamilton jumped in to help his friend, who was holding up the young woman, kicking furiously to keep the two of them afloat.

Then someone on the dock threw down a life preserver. Together with onlookers atop the dock, Hamilton and Donovan pulled the young woman back up to safety.

They never got her name, but they said one of her family members gave them a big hug.

Carnival Cruise Line denied to identify the passenger who was rescued but said: “The guest was seen by our medical team and did not sustain injuries. A complimentary replacement wheelchair has been provided for the duration of the cruise.”

The situation could’ve ended up in tragedy if a gust of wind had buffeted the waves moving the massive Carnival Fascination cruise ship parked at the dock.

Hamilton and Donovan said the governor and a legislator applauded their rescue efforts. And even walking down the street, people recognize them and say they’re “local heroes.”

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