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What is expected of the G20 Summit in Japan?

The G20 summit opens on the 28th of June in Osaka, Japan. Key meetings of interest would be between, hot head Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

The tensions between the United States and Russia have spiralled over the past couple of years.  Particularly after both nations withdrew from the INF Treaty. Moreover, Putin publicly criticised the U.S. in a forum at St. Petersburg in the beginning of June.

There would be talks over renegotiating the INF Treaty with Russia, and it may also include China, as Beijing’s nuclear capabilities increased significantly since when the INF Treaty was signed in 1987. However, at the moment President Trump and Xi Jinping would discuss the ongoing trade dispute on priority.

Again Iran would be a key issue for discussion between President Trump with his European counterparts.

Indian Perspective :

For the Indian perspective, stable oil prices would be key as India imports 86 percent of crude oil consumption. India would be hoping to cool out tensions between US-Iran.

Again, President Trump on Wednesday tweeted his anger towards India’s imposition of counter tariffs on 28 US products. Opening up Indian market for US goods would be key for Trump, and strategically India’s purchase of S-400 missile system from Russia could also be on the table.

Indian PM would hold meetings with Japanese PM  Shinzo Abe. Apart from strengthening relations, on the business front Japan funded bullet train project would be discussed.

Before PM Modi departure in a statement, he said issues such as women empowerment, artificial intelligence and common efforts to address challenges like terrorism would be on top of his agenda.

Mr. Modi will host the Russia, India and China Informal Summit on the sidelines of the summit. Informal meetings with BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and JAI (Japan, America and India) leaders would also be held.

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