What does the US mid term Elections mean?

The polls for the US mid term elections would start in the next 24 hours (Nov 6th 2018). The Elections would determine the control of the Congress. This mid-term poll is like a referendum on the Trump administration.

The midterm elections usually sees a small percentage of voters compared to general elections. However this time around huge participation is anticipated. In any elections if the voting percentage is higher it clearly means people want change.

The Democratic expect to take over the Congress, and narrow down the margin in the Senate.

States like Georgia and Florida would be voting new Governors. In a way these elections would really determine Mr. Trump as well as Republicans prospects in the next Presidential elections 2020.

The outcome of the elections will be significant for the future of Mr Trump’s presidency, and for Republican and Democratic legislative agendas.

Economy, immigration and minorities are key issues this elections.

Donald Trump would remain President even if his party don’t have majority in Congress and Senate. The only difference would be that it would be tougher for him to pass legislatures and fulfill his poll promises.

Former President Obama addressing a gathering ahead of the Midterm polls