Weeks After Marriage, Frogs Formally Divorced To End Rain Deluge

Two frogs that were ‘married’ in Madhya Pradesh to appease the rain god were ‘divorced’ as monsoon continued to wreak havoc in the state.

The frogs were married in July to appease the rain gods to bring rainfall on dry land. Two months after their marriage the they were divorced symbolically to end the spell of rain that has caused destruction and flooding in Madhya Pradesh.

Members from the Om Shiv Seva Shakti Mandal administered divorce to the frogs this week.

“The prayers were answered within a few days as the elusive monsoon started ushering its might over Bhopal and adjoining regions. But with rain now turning destructive, another ritual of separating the frog couple before the god was performed on Wednesday with a strong hope of ending the enduring spell of destructive rain,” the Indian Express reported quoting members of the group,

The heavy rains in Madhya Pradesh destroyed over 9,000 homes. Weathermen have predicted more rain for this week.

Frog marriages are not new in India. They have been carrying on for generations together, but divorces are unheard of. Earlier, this year two frogs were married in Karnataka’s Udupi district in a ritual called  the “Mandooka Parinaya” to appease rain gods.

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