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Wedding photographer deletes all pictures in revenge after being denied food or break

A friend who filled in for a professional photographer at the wedding of a couple did not quite go well as the pictures did not quite see the light of day — literally and figuratively.

The friend deleted all the photographs as revenge because he was not allowed to break to eat.

Reddit user @Icy-Reserve6995 shared his story in a long post said that he worked as a dog groomer. And while he posted the pictures of his clients’ pets on his Instagram and Facebook photo, he never had worked at weddings.

One of his friends who was trying to save money on his wedding approached him and asked if he could be their wedding photographer. While the Reddit user was initially unsure, he went onboard for $250.

However, things did not quite turn out as expected. The user revealed that on the wedding day, he drove around to various locations with the bride to shoot the preparations before finally arriving at the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception. And amidst all this, the photographer did not even get the chance to have a meal.

He recalls “I started around 11 am and was due to finish around 7:30 pm.” Now, you would expect a friend to be understanding in such situations, however, when the dinner opened up for other guests, the photographer was told that he could not break to eat.

Tired of the hectic schedule, he already had started regretting his decision. He decided to talk to his friend about the situation and told him that he needed at least 20 minutes break to have food and drink. He said, “There’s no open bar or anything, I can’t even get water and my two water bottles are long empty.”

But the groom was in no mood to be considerate to his friend and asked him to either be the ‘photographer or leave without pay’.

The tone obviously took the user’s irritation to next level and he asked the groom if he was ‘sure’ ? To which, a firm ‘yes’ came as a reply. The photographer instantly deleted all the photos he clicked and walked off to the wedding.

However, he later also felt some guilt of erasing their wedding memories and asked fellow Reddit users if he was justified in doing what he did?

Reddit users flooded the comment section and assured the man that there was justified in giving a befitting reply to the poor treatment.