WATCH: Trappers rescue 10 foot alligator hiding under car parked in Florida

A giant alligators rescued by trappers is going viral on the internet.

On March 31, a 10 feet and 2 inches long alligator was found hiding under the car parked at the apartment complex in Tampa, Florida.

As soon as the locals spotted the animal, they informed the authorities. Police and wildlife officials immediately rushed to the place and started on with their task of removing the animal from there.

Trappers safely hauled the animal from beneath the car and picked it up to keep it in the truck. They safely rescued the animal and took it to the nearby alligator farm.

Fox 13 reported that as alligators are active during the months of April to June owing to their mating period, the reptile may have come from a pond near the complex.

Reportedly, no one was injured during the whole incident — neither the alligator nor the people.

Considering how dangerous the animals can be, the authorities have warned the residents to keep a safe distance from alligators. They have also asked them to never feed the reptiles. Along with this, the officials suggested people to swim in the designated areas only and that too during daylight. They have warned the pet owners to keep their little ones away from the water’s edge and always on a leash.