WATCH: Russian soldier dangles from helicopter after parachute gets stuck

A Russian soldier who was attempting to jump from an altitude of 6,500 feet from a chopper got stuck when his parachute failed and he was left suspended in the air with his parachute strings.

The viral video shows how the soldier is about to jump from the Military Mi-8 military helicopter, but his parachute gets caught over the tail and he is left dangling mid-air.

However, the para soldier was quite lucky as the helicopter slowly hovered to lower altitudes and made its landing, bringing him safely to the ground.

The para soldier was making the jump out from aircraft on to a military airfield in the village of Kashtak near the city of Chita, Russia, on the morning of March 16, 2021. As the helicopter made its landing, the soldier was rescued by the ground crew.

Local resident Maxim Stefanovich, who witnessed the bizarre incident, said he had heard something and then noticed the helicopter flying over the airfield.

At first he thought it was the military testing new equipment, but after zooming in on his phone camera, he spotted the parachutist dangling underneath the aircraft.

‘I immediately called the police and asked them to contact the military as quickly as possible,’ Stefanovich said.

‘I was thinking about how the man’s health was, he was probably suffering with frostbite,’ he added. ‘It was minus 20 degrees Celsius out there. And under that tail rotor, it must be worse.

‘How come the pilot did not see him and do something to save him?’

Local media reported the soldier was not injured during his ordeal.