WATCH: Mother squirrel fighting cobra to protect its babies

A video of a mother squirrel fighting a cobra to protect its babies has gone viral on Twitter. The clip was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda.

In the 39-second-long clip, the squirrel can be seen trying to avoid multiple attacks by the reptile. The animal was apparently fighting the cobra in order to protect its babies, according to the IFS officer.

Susanta shared the clip with the caption, “Mother’s love is unlimited and never fades till the last breath. That explains the strength of a squirrel mother in taking up a fight with the mighty cobra to protect her babies.”

The clip starts with the mother squirrel trying to drive the cobra away. However, the reptile also strikes back multiple times in retaliation. The squirrel can be seen using its tail to protect itself against the cobra’s attack.

People were amazed by the mother’s love for its kids and the strength it showed against the cobra.