WATCH: Man uses drone to send sister toilet paper amid virus lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has forced several countries into lockdown  in order to contain the spread of virus.

Amid lockdown, people have been taking to creative ways to help each other without coming in direct contact.

In one such incident, a man named Pete Farmer from Northamptonshire in UK, delivered toilet roll to his sister using a drone. He sent toilet paper to his sister who lives two streets away from his home for “a laugh”.

Pete, who works for Morrisons distribution centre, said his sister asked for toilet rolls and he thought it would be funny to send it using a drone, reported news agency South West News Service.

Pete went on to add that people should not opt for panic-buying as the stock is enough for all.

“There is no shortage of toilet rolls or food, the warehouse is full and we are working long hours sending out supplies to the stores 24/7,” he said.