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WATCH: Lion charging towards group of people

A video of a lion charging towards a group of people in a village in Gujarat has surfaced on social media and the internet is pretty scared. The seven-second clip was shared on Twitter by Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service and swiftly garnered 6,000 views so far.

The clip shows the lion charging towards a crowd in Gujarat’s Madhavpur village at an unimaginable speed. Frightened, the crowd dispersed as people fled from the spot while the lion ran straight across the village.

“Imagine someone charging at you at 80kmp. Even Usain Bolt can’t escape (Average speed -38kmp) from a charging lion. In such a situation, where will you find tolerance for each other, other than India?” Susanta Nanda said in the caption of his post.

The video has gotten a lot of attention online. A viewer replied, “Is the lion safe ??”

Another wrote, “I hope no one hurt this big kitty on loose.”

However, at the moment there is no information if the lion was tranquilized and taken by forest officials.