WATCH: Huge swarm of mosquitos moving like a tornado haunt citizens in Argentina

A video of a gigantic swarm of mosquitos moving like a tornado in Argentina has shocked citizens.

The mosquito swarm confused and sacred drivers  going down Route 74 between General Madariaga and Pinamar.

One of the drivers on this road shot a video featuring a large tower of mosquitos arranged in a tornado-twister formation.

The video was shared by an Argentinian meteorologist and reporter. In the video, the man exclaims in Spanish how, “It’s getting bigger and bigger, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

According to parasitical expert, Juan Jose Garcia, heavy rain causes stagnant pools of water where mosquitos breed freely. This population can be large enough to “invade” cities.

He asserts they pose no threat to the residents of the city but those involved in agriculture should beware as they may interfere with farming activities.

Garcia suggests no action should be taken and the people should simply wait for 15 days; after which the insects would start dying. But people don’t want to wait and have been asking local authorities to poison the mosquitos and fumigate extensively.

The municipality suggested people the use of repellents, nets, keeping doors and windows closed and all water resources to be covered to avoid further breeding.