WATCH: Cargo crane collapses in Taiwan, tumbling containers

This year hasn’t been too good for the cargo ferrying industry. Earlier this year the Suez Canal was blocked for six after the grounding of Ever Given, and now, a cargo-carrying crane has collapsed in Taiwan.

While the Suez Canal incident caused mostly monetary damage, this new incident has resulted in irreversible physical damage at the Taiwanese port.

Last week the giant container gantry crane crashed over a port as a cargo ship knocked it over on Thursday morning. Now, a video of the entire incident has surfaced online.

The accident happened as a cargo ship collided with the crane around the shore. The crane then pushed another heavy crane, which toppled over a pile of shipping containers.

The accident happened at container yard Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. at the Port of Kaohsiung’s Pier 70.

The ship, OOCL Durban weighing around 86,000-ton belonged to a Hong Kong shipping company.

As the ship collided with a stationary vessel, no initial damage was caused as the ship itself was empty. However, it then crashed into the crane causing a chain of events that resulted in a loss of NT$600 million ($21 million).

According to Taiwan News, a 58-year-old dockworker has been injured. He “suffered a laceration on his right arm”. Two engineers were also trapped inside the crane but escaped unharmed.