WATCH: Caretaker pokes a Beluga Whale’s head to show how soft it is

An aquarium employee in China’s Shenzhen was seen poking the head of a whale to show how soft it is. The whale too seems to be enjoying the man’s gestures.

The three-year-old Beluga whale has been named Dabai by the aquarium authority. The man claims that he shares a very good rapport with the cutesy animal. He also mentions spending a good amount of time with the huge mammal each day.

Elaborating upon what he is doing in the video, the man says, “In this video, I’m touching its head and its head is super soft. Then it laughs super cute. I chat with it every day and it uses movements to respond to me.”

Giving further details about the close bond that he shares with the whale, the man added that during their day-to-day interaction, the whale is quite playful and happy. He also mentions that sometimes when the whale wants to be naughty, it splashes water on him.

For the unversed, the soft bulbous part of a Beluga whale’s head is called the ‘melon’. The primary function of this organ is to direct and change the frequency of the mammal’s sound waves. This particular area is soft as it is filled with oil and wax. The brain of the animal is placed behind its melon and is inside the skull.