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Watch belonging to Adolf Hitler sold for $1.1 million at US auction

A watch said to have belonged to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has sold for $1.1 million at an auction in the US.

The Huber timepiece, which sold to an anonymous bidder, shows a swastika and has the initials AH engraved on it.

Jewish leaders condemned the auction ahead of the sale at Alexander Historical Auctions in Maryland.

However the auction house told German media its aim was to preserve history.

Adolf Hitler led Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945, orchestrating the systematic murder of as many as 11 million people.

The product catalogue for the watch says it was possibly given as a birthday present to the fascist leader in 1933, the year he became Chancellor of Germany.

An assessment by the auction house reads that the watch was taken as a souvenir when some 30 French soldiers stormed the Berghof, Hitler’s mountain retreat in May, 1945.

It is then thought the timepiece was resold and passed down through several generations until now.

Other articles in the auction included a dress that belonged to Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun and autographed pictures of Nazi officials.

Talking to German press before the sale, Alexander Historical Auctions said that its aim was to preserve history, and that most sold items are kept in private collections or donated to Holocaust museums.

“Whether good or bad history, it must be preserved,” Senior Vice President Mindy Greenstein told Deutsche Welle. “If you destroy history, there is no proof that it happened”.

Documents supplied by the auction house state that it cannot provide proof that Hitler actually wore the watch. But an appraisal by an independent specialist concluded that it “in all likelihood” belonged to him.

Despite the watch fetching over $1 million it fell short of the auction house’s $2 million to $4 million estimate, Deutsche Welle reported.