Wanted man turns himself in as he’d rather be in jail than spend lockdown with people at home

A wanted man in the United Kingdom’s Sussex turned himself in because he was tired of the people he was living with.

The bizarre and one of a kind incident was shared on Twitter by an inspector in the Sussex Police department Darren Taylor.

In his tweet, Darren says that the man wanted ‘peace and quiet’ and therefore, he surrendered.

The man turned himself in on the afternoon of February 17 at around 5:00pm at the Burgess Hill Police Station.

The wanted man’s identity was not disclosed.

People mocking the incident said ‘the lockdown is difficult but this is not the solution’.

Another user wrote suggesting the police to lock the man at his home as that would be the ‘true punishment.’

The United Kingdom entered into a third lockdown from 5 January 2021, with similar restrictions to the first lockdown in March 2020, including school closures amid surging infections rate due to new mutations, making the virus more transmissible.