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Wannabe Instagram star stabs her mother, rips out her heart after being confronted about drug addiction

A wannabe Instagram star allegedly killed her own mother with a kitchen knife and ripped out her heart while she was still alive.

21-year-old medical student Anna Leikovic then dug out her mother’s lung and intestines, wiped all the blood off, took a shower and then went out with her boyfriend.

The shocking incident was reported in Moldova. Anna’s mother, Praskovya Leikovic, had found out that her daughter had become addicted to drugs. Praskovya asked her to visit a drug de-addiction centre which angered Anna and led to the incident.

The girl stabbed her mother multiple times and when Praskovya was dying out slowly, she cut a straight line on her mother’s body to dig out her heart. She then went on to carve out her innards.

According to local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, the mother was in Germany for work and had recently returned. Upon arrival, she noticed that the daughter was on drugs. She had arranged for Anna to be admitted to a rehab. A dialogue about whether she should go for treatment or not resulted in a heated debate, leading to the daughter stabbing her. It is being reported that her boyfriend is also a drug addict.

The police statement revealed that Anna has been suspected of all the crime and there is no other suspect.

Anna kept a high and polished profile on social media. Her online presence could not have warned any of her followers about her other side. After the incident her followers on Instagram rose from 9,000 to over 20,000 now.

It is being reported that when Anna was produced in the court, she immediately laid back on the bench and was captured cleaning her nails. Later, when media persons asked her whether she had committed the crime, she simply laughed and said, “Goodbye”.