Walmart allegedly illegally disposed of hazardous waste at landfills across California

California officials have filed a statewide lawsuit against Walmart alleging that the company illegally disposed of hazardous waste at landfills across the state.

The lawsuit alleges the retail giant illegally dumped nearly 160,000 pounds of hazardous waste, or more than 1 million items, each year in California over the last six years.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta and 12 California district attorneys said Walmart violated California’s environmental laws and regulations by dumping hazardous waste products at landfills that aren’t equipped to handle the materials, including alkaline and lithium batteries, insect killer sprays, aerosol cans, toxic cleaning supplies and LED light bulbs.

The lawsuit also claims Walmart dumped “confidential customer information” at these landfills.

“Walmart’s own audits found that the company is dumping hazardous waste at local landfills at a rate of more than one million items each year. From there, these products may seep into the state’s drinking water as toxic pollutants or into the air as dangerous gases,” Bonta said.

The latest lawsuit filed against Walmart isn’t the company’s first with the state of California.

In 2010, the California Attorney General’s Office reached a $25 million settlement against the retail giant for illegally disposing of hazardous waste.

Later in 2015, an inspection found that Walmart continued to dump waste illegally. Since 2015, California investigators said 58 inspections of trash compactors taken from Walmart stores found dozens of items classified as either hazardous waste, medical waste or customer records with personal information.