Vital sanitizing supplies to carry always during coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the globe and therefore a group of New York City preppers shared their tips for what to keep in an Every Day Carry, or “EDC” kit during the coronavirus outbreak.

Top preparedness items include wet wipes, alcohol prep pads, and a squeeze bottle of soap.

Wet Wipes:

Wet Wipes help in disinfecting 

They are sold at drugstores and its relatively easy to make your own using a concentration of at least 60% alcohol and paper towels.

“When you get off the train, or the bus, or you shake somebody’s hands and you don’t know their hygiene, wipe your hands,” Jason Charles who runs the the New York City Preppers Network said.

The novel coronavirus is an enveloped virus, which means that the virus is completely surrounded by an outer lipid membrane, and thus relatively easy to kill off with disinfectants.

Spray Disinfectant:

Spray disinfectant deployed for governments

If you’d rather not carry wipes around, you can spray surfaces instead with a travel-size handheld cleaner. Make sure you’re keeping any surface that you want to clean wet for long enough to disinfect it thoroughly.

Soap Bottle:

Travel soap bottle

Regular, judicious handwashing with soap and water is by far the best prevention measure to avoid contracting COVID-19. But good hand hygiene is not always easy to achieve when public restrooms are perpetually out of soap. Therefore it makes it mandatory for you to carry soap always.

You can fill small, travel-size squeeze bottle from his home soap dispenser.

Alcohol Pads:

Alcohol pads to clean surfaces especially phone screens

Smartphone screens often have a coating  designed to make them oil-resistant, surface cleaners like alcohol aren’t recommended by manufacturers. That being said, you can wipe down your phone — as long as it’s shelled inside a protective case — with some rubbing alcohol.