Virginia man wins lottery 25 times in same draw

A man from the US state of Virginia has just redefined the meaning of lottery luck.

Raymond Harrington won 25 plays in the same Virginia Pick 4 lottery game after purchasing 25 identical tickets each worth $1. Each of these tickets had the exact same four digit combination of 4-6-4-0.

Raymond won a total of US$ 1,25,000. Each ticket had the top prize of $5000.

After winning the lottery Raymond said he would be investing the prize for his son’s college education.

He had purchased the tickets from a Wegnam’s store in Virginia Beach.  “Something just told me to play 25 times,” said Harrington after winning the lottery.

Such incidents in the world of lottery unusual but not rare.

Back in April, a man won a price worth one million two times in a single day. In 2018, a New Jersey man bagged five million after  winning three lotteries back to back.