Virgin Atlantic flight makes emergency landing after fire onboard

A Virgin Atlantic flight headed to London from New York City was diverted to Boston after a small fire broke out in the first class cabin Thursday night.

The flight had 217 passengers, and all of them were safely evacuated after the emergency landing. It’s speculated that the flames started from a passenger seat that had an electrical malfunction.

Passengers smelled smoke coming from the first class cabin “not even 30 minutes” after the plane departed John F. Kennedy International Airport around 7:30pm, Cory Tanner a passenger aboard the flight said. Tanner added that a flight attendant told him the smoke was from a TV unit that caught fire in the first class cabin.

The crew announced the aircraft would make an emergency landing in Boston’s Logan International Airport.

In a statement, Virgin Atlantic Airways said an incident aboard the flight led to the plane being diverted as a precaution. It did not provide any details on the cause of the fire. “Our cabin crew are trained to a high standard and acted quickly to deal with this situation,” the airline statement said.

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