Viral Video: Woman visits hospital dressed up as giraffe, amid shortage of masks

Chinese people are are opting for innovative solutions from covering themselves with plastic sheets to making protective gears out of plastic bottles, in view of the short supply of face masks.

In one such incident, a woman wore a giraffe costume when she visited a hospital in Luzhou, China. She decided to wear the inflatable animal suit to protect herself from the deadly virus while visiting the hospital to pick up medicine for her family.

The video of her in a giraffe costume has gone viral.

She told YouTube channel Pear Video that she had bought two such outfits, including an alien costume, owing to the shortage of face masks.

She also said that the face masks at her home have crossed their expiry date and she couldn’t get any new ones.

In the video, the woman can be seen covered completely in the suit, except a small opening with a clear plastic film for her to see.

The woman’s father had been a regular patient at the hospital’s department of respiration before the outbreak of coronavirus in China.

In order to prevent her parents from catching the virus, the woman took it upon herself to go for grocery shopping and running errands.

People in China have been scrambling to get face masks because of the increasing demand. Those working in hospitals have been advised to change face masks on regular intervals to avoid catching the virus.

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