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Viral Video: TikTok user ‘pulls new low’ after dumping crate full of cereal and milk on subway floor

A prankster with over 3 million followers on TikTok is in hot water for his latest ‘joke’ – one that involved dumping a crate full of milk and cereal on a New York City subway and leaving.

Josh Popkin,known as @fckjoshy to his TikTok followers, is facing massive backlash for the prank that many described as “disrespectful” to New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees who had to clean up the mess after he left.

The MTA also took to Twitter to slam the “despicable” prank, pointing out that it created extra work for essential workers who are working in the middle of a pandemic.

Mr Popkin, 23, shared two videos of the widely-denounced prank on his TikTok two days ago. While one has been pulled down, the other shows him dumping the huge container of cereal and milk on the train floor.

“Is this prank really necessary during a lockdown? and in a public space?” asked one TikTok user in the comments section.

“This really isn’t funny. It’s just inconsiderate to the passengers and MTA workers who have sacrificed themselves going in to work as essential workers,” another remarked.

After the video was reposted on Twitter, New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority responded to it with a sternly-worded tweet and called it “a new low”.