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Viral Video: Teenage girl enjoying amusement park ride gets hit by seagull

A teenage girl was hit by a seagull while riding an amusement park ride in New Jersey, United States.

Kiley Holman, 13, was accompanied with her friend Georgia Reed, 14, whose birthday they were celebrating at Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Park in Wildwood.

A viral footage shows both girls, resident of Weatherly, Pennsylvania, seated before the ride skyrocketed into the air at 120km/hr making them scream in shock.

Moments later, a seagull gets smacked right in Kiley’s face while her friend was oblivious and had no idea of the unexpected guest that visited Kiley.

The bird flew straight towards Kiley, resting on her neck, however, after a moment of shock she was able to pull the bird off her face and neck and tossed it aside to set it free.

Talking to Fox News, Kiley said the bird momentarily latched onto her while its wings were on the ride, its beak was on her neck. She added that as she knew there was no going back and it was going to hit her, she didn’t want to fall out of the ride.

Thankfully, both the seagull and Kiley suffered no injuries and the bird flew away leaving its few feathers behind.

Arena Reed, Georgia’s mother, also didn’t have any clue until after the ride had finished.

She said that she had seen wings fall from the ride but assumed that they were tickets.

She further added that both the friends could stop laughing at the unusual guest and have decided not to ever ride a Sling Shot ride again.