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Viral Video: Passenger uses plane’s air vent to dry shoe

A passenger aboard a plane had the most revolting idea to dry out his shoe, using the air vent on the flight.

A short video clip of the passenger is doing the rounds on social media where he can be seen trying to dry one of his shoes by holding it under the plane’s air vent.

Passenger Shaming, an account on Instagram that calls out passengers for their odd behaviour on flights, shared it on their feed. The account keeps sharing different clips and it’s hard to unsee the images of barefoot passengers propping their feet on their TV screens or on the seat in front of them, or the kind of weird items people put in the seatback pockets.

This particular clip of the seated passenger garnered over 3.07 lakh views and tons of comments. “So yeah, this zero self-awareness nonsense is happening…again… #PLEASESTOP,” the caption read.

The post is now viral on social media, leading to some jokes and memes.