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Viral Video: Orphaned rhino plays with goat

From compassion to friendship and even something as simple as cohabiting, there’s a lot to learn from animals. A recent video going viral on Twitter is a true proof of this exact fact.

Indian Forest Services officer, Susanta Nanda recently took to his Instagram to share a video of a baby rhinoceros playing with a goat and it is the most heartwarming thing we have come across today. Susanta shared the video with the caption, “Cross species friendship really happens in wild. More than the cute story, cute is their play. Sometimes orphaned rhino r given goat to play with & reduce stress.”

According to Susanta, orphaned rhinos are often given a goat to play with, this is done to reduce their stress and honestly this is the most adorable trivia ever.

In the 16-second-long clip, the goat can be seen playfully jumping around the baby rhino and after a few seconds even rhino starts to imitate its friend and starts cheerfully jumping.

The video quickly went viral and even managed to garner 11.7k views and 1.4k likes. Internet too was overwhelmed the pure friendship between the two animals and dropped love-filled comments.