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Viral Video: Newly wed cops stop robbery at restaurant

Newly-wed cop couple is winning the internet for stopping a robbery at a restaurant while they were having a romantic date night.

Chase and Nicole McKeown, who are both police officers and got married six months back, were enjoying a meal at a restaurant in Louisville, US when an armed robber entered and went to the cash counter.

The man was wearing a mask. At first, the cop couple thought the man was ill and hence was sporting a mask. However, things took an ugly turn and they saw that the cashier had put his hands up. That’s when the couple realised what exactly was going on.

Wasting no time, both of them took out their weapons and chased the robber. The entire incident was captured on the CCTV cameras installed inside the restaurant. The Louisville Metro Police Department shared the video on Facebook.

The couple continued to chase the robber until they held him at gunpoint. Then, the Louisville Metro Police arrived and arrested him.

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