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Viral Video: Man spots ‘Jerry’ in hotel room, calls reception to bring’ Tom’

A video of a man using the animated show, ‘Tom and Jerry’ to explain a situation in his hotel room is making the internet laugh out loud.

The video shared on Twitter with caption, “This Arab guy calls the hotel reception to complain about a mouse in his room. Listen to how he describes the situation.”

The man, who according to the tweet is Arab, had apparently spotted a mouse in his hotel room. So to make the authorities understand what it was, he called the reception and told them there was Jerry in his room.

In the video that gained over 4 million views, shows the man explaining to the receptionist that his English is not good. He then asks him, “Do you know Tom and Jerry?” to which the receptionist replies with “yes”.

And then the Arab man says, “Jerry is in my room”. At first the receptionist is confused, but then quickly understands that the man is talking about a mouse. Then the hilarious part comes along, when the man asks the receptionist to bring Tom along. To which the receptionist responded, “We don’t have Tom in the hotel.”

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