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Viral Video: Man runs after goat who stole paperwork from government office in India

After stealing files from a government office in India’s Kanpur city, a goat has become something of a social media celebrity.

An employee of the Chaubepur block office can be seen sprinting after the animal that fled with some documents in its mouth in footage that has gone viral on the internet.

According to reports, the goat entered a vacant room in the Kanpur office and reappeared a few minutes later clutching some documents in its mouth. When a few employees outside the office observed the goat, chaos ensued.

The documents were eventually retrieved, but not before the goat had chewed on some of them.

The goat only got away with junk papers, not official paperwork, according to Chaubepur Block Development Officer Manulal Yadav.

Mr Yadav was quoted by news outlet ANI as stated, “The goat got away with scrap papers from a cafeteria near the office, not official materials.”

He went on to say that the goat got away with the papers because staff were outside the office. Mr Yadav added that “staff members have been asked to sit and work inside the office.”