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Viral Video: Man rescues 11-year-old stranded on floating ice piece with fishing rod

A fisherman rescuing a 11-year-old who was stranded on a floating piece of ice in a river in Ukraine has gone viral on the internet.

The incredible rescue shows a little boy can be seen standing on a drifting ice floe, far from the river bank, being reeled to safety by the quick thinking of a fisherman, Richard Gorda.

Richard had gone fishing in the partially frozen Dsenka River in Kyiv, Ukraine where he was approached by a man to save the boy from drowning in the freezing waters.

The clip shows the frightened boy telling Richard that he could not swim as he is being carried away on the block of ice to which Richard can be heard telling the boy to stand still and not move while he prepares his fishing gear to rescue him.

Richard removing the hook from its rod and throwing it to the boy so he could grab on to it while being pulled towards the safety. The boy was reeled back to the shore using the fishing line and ended with people giving him their hand to pull him towards the shore.

It is reported that the boy had fled the courtyard near his house and went to the river, climbed the ice while playing there with a friend. The ice began to crack under their feet, while one of them managed to jump to safety, the little boy was stuck there as the ice drifted him over 65 meters away from the shore.