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Viral Video: Leopard vs Monitor Lizard takes social media by storm

A video from 2018 that shows the fight between a leopard cub and a monitor lizard has re-emerged on social media after it was tweeted this morning by Indian Forest Services officer Parveen Kaswan. According to Daily Mail, the video was filmed at Kaingu Safari Lodge in Zambia.

In the video, the leopard cub is seen stalking the water monitor on a road, trying to slap the reptile repeatedly with its paw. The lizard does its best to fight off the predator by thrashing its tail but is ultimately unsuccessful.

According to Earth Touch News, water monitors are largely aquatic and flee to the safety of water when they perceive a threat. Unfortunately for this one, there was no water body in sight. Though it puts up a good fight, the reptile is ultimately carried off by the leopard, who manages to grab it by its neck.

According to Daily Mail, Costa Frangeskides, who shot the video, said: “The lizard knew that it was in trouble and immediately began thrashing its tail around from side to side in order to protect itself. The tail is a pretty powerful tool. However, once the lizard had its back to the leopard he was able to grab him at the back of the neck and make off into the bushes with his treat.

“I’m pretty sure that the monitor lizard did not survive the ordeal but this was an incredible sighting to have witnessed.”