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Viral Video: Lebanese grandmother plays piano amid explosion damage all around

A viral video of a grandma playing the piano with furniture scattered, walls punctured, glass and debris all over the floor.

May Abboud Melki’s house looked like one of those houses in a war movie after the port explosion, but her resilience and spirit makes her stand out.

The impact of the blast visibly had shattered everything in her house. However, the 79-year-old grandma’s priced piano was left undamaged and she she played “Auld Lang Syne” on it.

May Abboud Melki wasn’t home on Tuesday when the explosion occurred. Her husband too was not home at the time of the blast.

But when the  returned to their home for 60 years after the blast they were devastated to see the damage and the impact of the explosion..

May Abboud Melki only saw hope and headed straight to the piano, gift from her father on her wedding day. She sat there and played it as volunteers cleaned bits of glass from the house.

“She pushed through the pain and tried to have a few moments of peace,” her granddaughter was quoted.