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Viral Video: Humans come across “civilised” lioness and cubs in the wild

Wild animals  too have basic road sense. A video shared by  Rajya Sabha MP Parimal Nathwani of a lioness with her cubs from the outskirts of Gir sanctuary, Gujarat in India showed the cats make way for a biker on the way.

The 36-second video shows a lioness coming out on a kachha road from inside the jungle with her two cubs following her. After the three cross some distance, a farmer comes in front of them on a bike from the other direction.

The farmer stops his bike and the lioness silently goes back into the forest area and her cubs follow her. The way the lioness gives way to the biker in the video has the internet amazed.

IFS officer, Susanta Nanda also shared the same video with the caption, “Ours is a Civilised country. So are our lions.”

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