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Viral Video: Florida man captures large alligator with trash can

A video of a Florida man capturing a large alligator with a trash can has gone viral on the internet.

The video shows a man wearing shorts, a T-shirt and socks with slides is seen pushing an open trash can on its side toward the beast.

The gator backtracks and the man flips the lid, which bonks the alligator in the head. The alligator then enters the large trash bin as it fights and flails.

The man then uprights the trash can and holds the lid down to ensure the gator doesn’t escape.

After securing the crocodile, the Florida man took the trash bin into a bushy area and kicked the bin down near a lake, and ran off as the reptile crawled out.

The man was identified as a military veteran, Eugene Bozzi. His act of bravery has made him a hero on social media. He told USA Today that he decided to capture the crocodile because several children were playing in the neighbourhood.

“The only thing that came to my mind was to protect my kids and the other children outside,” Bozzi told USA Today.

He said he still is absorbing all the social media attention he has gotten from it, but he doesn’t feel like a hero.

The video prompted Orange County to tweet about it, saying, “Reminder: Alligators are not recyclable in your blue lid cart. Please call the Nuisance Alligator Hotline for assistance.”