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Viral Video: Family embraces social distancing to celebrate granny’s 95th birthday

Due to the outbreak of the deadly virus, a lot of people are ending up celebrating their birthdays all alone, in the absence of friends and family.

However, this was not the fate of a 95-year-old grandmother in New York. Kathleen Byrne’s birthday was celebrated in the presence of dozens of family members. However, to avoid the transmission of any possible virus to the granny, the family followed the social distance and stood at a distance from each other.

The picture was shared by Sara Bryne, the granddaughter of Kathleen. “We had to keep our distance but we couldn’t not see our best girl on her birthday!!! Happy 95th Gram we love you SO much!!! #instaGRAM #95”

The entire family held signs and balloons reading happy birthday as they celebrated the special day for Kathleen.

The social distancing was necessary as the government has urged people to practice it to prevent the spread of the virus. Sara and her family understand the health risk involved and decided to maintain a safe distance.

The United States has seen a sudden surge in the number of COVID-19 positive cases. The US government has warned citizens about the dire situations that will emerge in the coming days.