Viral Video: Dog plays hide and seek with young girl

In an absolutely adorable video that has been doing the rounds on social media, one can see a dog playing ‘hide and seek’ with a little girl.

The clip features a Belgian Malinois attentively listening to the girl as she says, “Monkey, let’s play hide and seek. You go count”.

After this, the pooch who is named Monkey can be seen putting his paws up on the wall and hiding his head between the legs.

During the course of the video when he looks back, the girl can be heard saying ‘no peeping’. Towards the end of the video, he goes on to find the girl.

The video has been uploaded by an Instagram user who goes by the name, gsdfriend. The account holder has captioned the heartwarming video as “He actually played?”

The video’s comment section is filled with people dropping red heart emojis and the emoji with red heart-shaped eyes.

A user commented saying, “my gosh! This is precious!”, another wrote, “Adorable I usually play with my pups”