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Viral Video: Car thief smashes level crossing, races on railway tracks before abandoning vehicle

Action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto turned into reality briefly after a Land Rover Discovery was stolen by a thief, smashed through the level crossing barrier and raced on the railway track.

Viral footage shows two officers confronting the driver to get out of the car when the driver tried to get away. In the chaos, the driver put the car in reverse, the video shows the cop can be seen holding on as the car shot backwards.

In the process, two officers were injured, while the female officer managed to get free of the hit.

The stolen vehicle came from Essex.

CCTV footage shows the driver is speeding away from the road and barging into the Cheshunt train station by breaking the barrier.

Onlookers on the station shot this incident as the driver drove past them along the tracks.

Thereafter the thief abandons the car on the track before making off on foot.

Train services were affected following the incident.

The police are on the hunt for the culprit.

The video chase has taken social media by storm and it even led to a hashtag trend in the UK under the name ‘#GTA’.