Viral Video: A lazy dog’s tantrum when made to walk

Sparky the mini bull terrier likes the simple life of naps and cuddles. No walks for him, thank you very much. “Sparky is a lazy boy,” the dog’s owner, Silvio Siamo, told The Dodo. “He likes to stay with the family and be cuddled.”

Videos of the five-year-old dog simply giving up in the middle of walks and lying down on the ground have the Internet in stitches. Shared on Instagram, where Sparky has his own account with nearly 95,000 followers, the videos have become a viral hit online.

In one video, Sparky, who lives in the city of Brescia Italy with Mr Siamo, is seen getting dragged around a supermarket by his leash. The lazy dog is seen looking pleased at this as he lets his human do all the hard work. In another video, he is seen lying on the road, paws up, evidently tired from refusing all the walks.

According to his owner, life in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic has not been hard on Sparky, who is enjoying the extra cuddles he is receiving with Mr Siamo at home.

“Sparky is happy because he is cuddled all the time,” Mr Siamo said to The Dodo. “We play together, make video calls with friends, prepare cookies that he likes very much. When he is tired he goes on the balcony to lie down in the sun.”