Viral Video: 31-year-old man skywalks 14-storeys above ground

High wire walker Blake Wallenda from ‘The Flying Wallendas’ family added another feather to his cap this as he attempted to skywalk between two Ala Moana Hotel towers in Hawaii.

‘The Flying Wallendas’ are known for their daredevil high wire acts, which they perform without the assistance of a safety net.

The 31-year-old Blake balanced on a tightrope and travelled between the two edifices on a 1.5 cm-wide wire, 14 storeys above the ground.

In a video posted on social media, Wallenda can be seen turning around to wave at the awestruck spectators after he finishes the perilous act.

Wallenda, a seventh generation high wire performer from the family, claimed that the Hawaii skywalk was his most daring act so far.

After concluding the feat, Wallenda told ABC news, “I feel great! I wish I could have done more but the wind got pretty bad. I’m just glad it’s over with.”

He even set the wire himself and did a recce of the location with the hotel’s engineers.

Glen Erickson, general manager of Ala Moana Hotel, said the brave act marked the launch of the hotel’s anniversary celebrations.

Many members of the Wallenda family have died executing daring acts on the wire. But this has failed to convince Blake to use any safety gear.