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Viral TikTok video sparks outrage after mother seen dumping handbag on sleeping baby while she gets hair styled

A mother has sparked outrage online after appearing to dump her handbag on her sleeping baby while at a hairdressers.

American TikTok user Letitia Joy posted to her social media account to reveal the astonishing clip, which is thought to show the anonymous mother sitting and having her hair styled while the little one rests in the stroller.

The bag has blocked the baby from view, and instead, only the youngster’s small feet can be seen poking out from underneath the accessory.

The footage has been watched more than 5.7 million times.

Many people pointed out that the undercarriage of the stroller appears to be empty, suggesting that the woman should have placed her bag there instead.

One shocked viewer commented: ‘The bag is more important than her own baby. Sad’

Letitia posted the video last month alongside the caption: ‘Some people don’t deserve kids.’

Letitia clarified in the comment section that she didn’t film the clip, and therefore was unable to say anything to the unidentified woman.