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Viral ‘Series’: Police dog bites cow, police officer tases dog, cow kicks police officer

A rare series of unfortunate events took place in South Carolina when a police officer was kicked by a cow for tasing a dog that bit the same cow.

The peculiar sequence of odd events unfolded in Georgetown, South Carolina, in January 2020, but the story has caught the eye recently.

What stood out most was the unique headline, ‘K-9 Bites Cow, Deputy Tases K-9, Cow Kicks Deputy’ along with the hilarious caption, ‘new rock paper scissors just dropped.’

Last year on January 22, a Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office deputy responded to a burglary call at around 4:00pm in South Carolina. The call was later proved to be unfounded but something ‘stranger things’ took place that day when the police dog got distracted by a nearby cow and went over to the animal and bit it.

The deputy was forced to tase his own K-9 in an attempt to de-escalate the situation but nobody would have imagined what happened next. The cow got frightened and ended up kicking the deputy and the property owner, leaving them with minor injuries.

The incident topped with some amusing responses to the tweet.

According to The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) website, cows are more dangerous than you might expect, with reports coming in every year of walkers being attacked or even trampled to death by the creatures.

Although such attacks are understood to be relatively rare, those out walking are advised to be cautious around cows.