Viral picture of Australian man surfing on crocodile sparks criticism

Australia has always made international headlines with the wide variety of wildlife species it houses.

Some bizarre human-animal encounters in the country, and of the lot, the reptile-related incidents always top the charts.

As the reptile-related encounters are so frequently reported, most of them are not even shocking. For example, a crocodile found in someone’s front yard is a common sight.

Where some people are happy being spectators and maintain their distance from reptiles, some are keen on pushing their boundaries.

One such incident has caught the eye and has received alot of criticism. A picture first shared on Reddit, went viral on social media showing a man riding a crocodile, like a surfboard in an undisclosed location in Australia.

After the picture went viral across social media the original reddit post was deleted. While some lauded the stunt and the man’s alertness and technique, many criticised the man’s action and were concerned about the reptile’s safety.

Animal rights organization PETA in a statement said: “If this stunt is the ‘most Aussie thing ever’, we should be ashamed.”

Spokeswoman Emily Rice said: “Animals are not surfboards, and we should no more be applauding a person who “surfs” on a crocodile than we should applaud jockeys who whip horses or marine park trainers who ride on dolphins’ fins.”

She added: “Already in Australia, crocodiles are exploited as tourist spectacles, their nests are raided for eggs so that their babies can be raised on filthy factory farms, and they’re mercilessly slaughtered so that foreign fashion houses can turn their skins into handbags.

“Native wildlife habitats are already under threat, thanks to human lust for animal flesh and the dire environmental effects of animal agriculture.

“The last thing Australian animals need is also to be stood on by grown men looking for attention.”