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Viral: Julia Butters takes her own snacks to the Oscars

Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood actress Julia Butters is just 10 and, just like her character in the film, has her priorities figured out already. Top of the list is food. Julia wanted to make sure that she got to eat what she likes at the 92nd Academy Awards so here’s what she did – she packed her own snack.

At past Oscars, invitees have been treated to pizza and popcorn but young Julia, who shared scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio in the Quentin Tarantino-directed movie, was taking no chances.

Pretty in pink on the red carpet at the Oscars, Julia Butters answered a question from Variety on what was in her bag: “You won’t believe it. It’s a sandwich. I put a sandwich in my bag. Well, sometimes the food here is not for me.”

To make sure she was believed, Julia Butters even displayed the inside of her pink clutch, just big enough to fit a sandwich wrapped in cling film. “It’s a turkey sandwich, I’m sorry for the vegans,” she added. Good thinking, since neither pizza nor popcorn were in evidence.