Violent protest erupt against mask-ban law in Hong Kong

Thousands of Hongkongers took part in protests after the China controlled government announced a face mask ban, that came into effect at midnight on Saturday.

The ban comes after an escalation of violence during protests on 1st October, when an officer shot a demonstrator. The demonstrator was a 14-year-old. He is being treated at Tuen Mun hospital and is in a serious condition.

Hong Kong Chief executive Carrie Lam invoked a colonial-era emergency law to declare the face mask ban.

After the Chief Executive ordered a ban on Friday many left work early to join spontaneous demonstrations. Some furious protesters blocked roads, torched Chinese flags and vandalised stations and businesses as police fired tear gas.

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) announced a full service suspension of all trains, which would continue on Saturday as well. This forced many Hong Kongers to walk home.

Mask-wearing activists had also earlier called on others to wear masks in defiance of the government. The critics of Carrie Lam warned the mask ban could be the first in a series of “draconian” measures.

The ban will be effective in approved and unapproved public assemblies such as rallies and marches.

Protesters have increasingly worn masks for a number of reasons, including to conceal their identities – from employers, parents and, in some cases, police and to protect themselves from tear gas. There are exemptions for people wearing masks for health reasons, or if required by their profession.

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