Villagers auction village council seats to raise money for temple

Locals in a village auctioned panchayat seats (village council) to raise money for temple and social welfare.

The people of Nadukuppam village panchayat, in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district have decided to raise money for social welfare and other development works by auctioning off the panchayat posts, instead of electing their leaders.

The highest bidder gets the post, and if he or she pays up on time, no other contender files nomination and the candidate gets a walkover.

Villagers head holded a meeting in a temple to auction the seat of the Panchayat leader for ₹50 lakh ($70,374) and the associate panchayat leader’s position for ₹15 lakh ($21,112).

The bid on Panchayat leader post was won by Sakthivel, a person who claimed to be from AIADMK, while the man who won the associate’s post identified himself as Murugan of DMDK.

The two of them are to pay their auctioned amount on or before 15th of this month. The senior members of the village have stated that if the two pay up the amount then no one else from the village will contest for these positions.

However, after the video of the auction went viral activists demanded the state election commission to take action against those involved in the auction of the Panchayat leader and associate panchayat leader post.

In a complaint given to the state election commissioner, the complainant has stated that the auction is no different from cash for votes and has demanded that a probe be conducted in this regard.

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