Vijay Mallya Verdict

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The UK court in Westminster approves extradition request, he will be extradited back to India.

This is a huge diplomatic victory for India.  However the legal battle is still not done, Mallya has the right to appeal.

The case has now been passed on to the the UK government. Vijay Mallya can be sent back to India within the next 2 months.

Updated 17: 45

Vijay Mallya goes impatient, steps out of the court for a quick smoke.

He steps out and speaks to the media. He talks about India’s test win today and Manchester United.

He repeats that he has a petition in the Karnataka High Court for a settlement.

Updated 16:25

The judge is yet to enter the court, as soon as the judge enters the verdict will be pronounced.

It is very strange that the court proceedings have been delayed.

Mr. Mallya continues to wait in the gallery alongside his new girlfriend Pinky Lalwani.

Updated 16:12

The judge has still not entered, Mr. Mallya is looking at his phone.

Updated 15:37

Vijay Mallya reached the Westminster magistrate court, and is waiting in the room.

He was surrounded by a bunch of Indian Media as he was entering the court.

Mallya says he will accept whatever the verdict may be.

Updated 15:32

The Westminster magistrate in London would deliver the verdict on extradition request to India. Vijay Mallya left India in 2016 with over ₹9000 cr loan to banks and Kingfisher employees.

The liquor barron has offered to settle the banks the principal amount, and had filed an affidavit in the Karnataka High Court.

Mr. Mallya is on bail in the United Kingdom since last year, the case will finally culminate after a 2 year wait. However this is still not the end. Whichever side the court takes Vijay Mallya’s or Indian CBI and ED, both have options to go for an appeal.

Mallya’s counsel said Indian jails do not have proper air and light, India shared a footage of cell, if Vijay Mallya had to be extradited. This was a trick the counsel used to delay the judgement.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement directorate (ED) have sealed the assets of Vijay Mallya back home.